Online Time Card Calculator

Use this employee time clock calculator to stop doing time math calculating timesheet hours.

  • Enter start and end times for each day you worked.
  • Do not need to enter AM/PM.
  • Always double check hours before using for payroll.
  • Optional. Enter amount of unpaid break time to subtract.

This calculator is provided free as a courtesy by TixTime. Please consider our employee attendance, time tracking, scheduling, and workforce management software for your business.

Day From To Break Hours
Total Hours:

How To Use This Online Time Clock Calculator

Calculating time sheets manually is error prone, and if you don't have an employee timeclock to help this employee timesheet calculator can help. This time sheet calculator can handle calculating time cards that have breaks as well.

When you need to calculate time sheet hours for shifts less than 12 hours this calculator does not require AM/PM to be entered. As with most weekly timesheet calculators you can enter start and end times for your employee for each day from Monday to Friday as if from your time clock machine. This employee time card calculator is calculating time clock hours for daily, or weekly timesheets.

For an hourly timesheet calculator try entering data for just one day. Make sure to double check all numbers if you will use this as a payroll timesheet calculator. If you need a timecard calculator with more functionality, including employee scheduling, attendance, payroll, and workforce management, you should take a free trial of TixTime.

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