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For Recreation & Entertainment

Theme Parks. Resorts. Theaters. Parks. Zoos. Climbing Walls. Gyms. Your business is unique.

Your job description includes delivering impossibly amazing customer service. And doing it while saving money. Sound familiar? Oh — and you don't have any time to do it.

Schedule Faster

Imagine that you don't waste any more time on scheduling. Ever. Could you do more of the work you like? The work you'd rather be doing? Focus on your employees, not making their schedules. What if you could build schedules your employees love — and want to show up for — and spend less time doing it?

Obsolete Your Time Clock

Nobody would miss a time-clock smashing party. You would be there, right? What if you were the one that started it. If this was your idea. You would be a hero to everyone who ever slid fingers over that clock. Your employees. Your boss. Everyone. (And don't forget yourself!)

Get Payroll Right

Your employees count on you. They bank on you, even. This is the one thing you must get exactly right — and every time. You take a lot of responsibility tracking employee hours, right? But now its just expected. You deserve way more credit. But what if you could get payroll exactly right, every time, just by clicking one button?

Safety First

Your customer and employee safety comes first. Have the right people with the right training on each scheduled shift..

Keep Things Clean

The last thing to be appreciated can be the cleaning. Let's be honest: It's one of the most important in your public facing establishment. Make sure that you have the right staff to take care of everything on each work shift.

Flex your Workforce

Have a big weekend coming up? Or maybe a slow month? Schedule your employees to meet demand exactly as it is.

Get More Word-of-Mouth

Happier employees, happier customers, happier bottom line. When your employees and customers are happy the good news will spread. You will have more word-of-mouth. Free marketing is always nice.

Retain Top Talent

Keep your best employees. It is expensive to train and build a team of good employees. Do not lose them because of bad schedules.

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