Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance

Obsolete Your Timeclock.

Automatic Late Tracking

Joe shows up late again… You know he was late yesterday. And at least once last week too… But you can't find the sticky note to prove it. Automate your employee time tracking with time card software. During reviews you get Joe's events and talk about documented facts.

No More Sticky Notes

Give up on lost sticky notes and manually tracking events. Employee time tracking for lates, Days Off, and Sick Calls are built into your time and attendance system so you can easily manage your workforce given the conditions you are experiencing today.

Manage Employee Attendance Better

Can your timecard software tell you what's happening right now? What if it told you who is coming in next? Leaving soon? Ready to take break? Working overtime? Late? You can manage your day-to-day operations better.

Incentivize Adherence

Your employees do try hard to be on time. And to stick to your schedules. You can reward those who do it best. The employee-of-the-month parking spot, cash bonuses, even movie tickets. You can make it worth their time to try harder with attendance tracking software.

Improve Utilization

When everyone sticks to the schedule you can fine tune it. Adjust to the perfect number of employees — for each skill & department — at the right times. Improve your utilization. Stop overspending on too many employees. And stop risking burnout from too few employees.

Eraser Marks on an Employee Time Card?

Don't like the idea of eraser marks on paper employee attendance tracking sheets? TixTime's complete audit log keeps track of who made the change, when, why, and what the change was.

Complete Audit Records

Your attendance tracking software is the source of your payroll data. Any edits on the Timesheet are logged and include the previous value in case a reversal is required.

Minimize Non-Compliance Risk

Employers have enough to keep them up at night. Fines and penalties, audits, and labor disputes shouldn't be on your list of worries. Time and attendance systems alleviate the risk.

Quit Doing Payday Math

Ever calculate hours for each of your employees? By hand? That is not fair. You never have to calculate hours again. Employee time keeping is easier. Easily configure your business rules and let the system automate the rest.

Always Be On Time

Payroll can't be late. Ever. What if you could get all of the numbers, automatically calculated, with one click? Complete your payroll duties in minutes. Run the report and send total hours.

Be Absolutely Certain

“I don't understand my hours.” Uh-oh. Time to double-check everything, right? Frustrating. Get it right to begin with. Your employees will start trusting payroll. You do less double-checking.

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