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What are Teams?
Teams are the employee groups that your organization naturally divides into.

You can filter, group, and order your employees by team, making it easy to work with each team as a group of employees. And you always have complete control over how you setup your teams. For example:

Customer Service Center
Support, Sales, Billing, Managers, and Level II.

Sales Center
East, West, Lead Generation, and Verification

Security, Front Desk, Guest Services, Housekeeping, and Food & Beverage

Unlimited Employees
You can add all of your employees and grow your workforce without worrying about changes to your monthly subscription cost.

The Free Plan
Forever Free. Manage one team with one month of history. Upgrade for more teams, features and unlimited history. When your free trial expires you will automatically be on the free-forever plan.

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Support And Training
All paid plans include an initial setup and training telephone call with ongoing business hours support by email and telephone.

Bank-Grade Security
Your scheduling and attendance data is protected with bank-grade TLS/SSL encryption in a cloud data center with 24/7 physical and electronic security.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
You get a 100% money-back guarantee for thirty days with your subscription, if you chose to upgrade. Using TixTime is entirely risk-free.

Upgrade from within your account. All prices listed in US Dollars.

Being able to view time sheets, schedules, and payroll all in one place has been great — I'd recommend to anyone to give this product a try I'm sure they'll love it.

Jenna Curtis

TixTime cures employee timecard and scheduling headaches.

American Genius

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