Employee Scheduling Software - Features

Build Schedules Employees Love. Your employees will thank you — and show up on time.

Respect Availability

Joe tells his manager he has classes every Tuesday until 10am. His manager — rightfully so — supports Joe's cause. But Joe gets scheduled anyway. Now what? Should he skip work and risk the fallout? Let his education fall by the side? You can make sure this does not fall on your employees.

Abolish Confusion

An employee misses a shift because they had the wrong schedule. Sound familiar? It happens all the time. You can have one schedule. A published schedule. Everyone knows when to work, and everyone knows when changes affect them.

Be Covered

Being understaffed puts strain on everyone. Your employees have to work harder to fill the gap. The work experience is not fun. Make sure you have the right people — in the right place — at the right times. You'll boost employee morale and your customers will notice.

Obsolete Your Time-Clock. Nobody will miss it. Imagine the invites: “Time-Clock Smashing Party.”

Manage Time Better

Can your timesheet tell you what's happening right now? What if it told you who is coming in next? Leaving soon? Ready to take break? Working overtime? Late? You can manage your day-to-day operations better.

End Complaints

How frustrating is a line-up at the time clock? Has it gone offline again? Who knows… But you end up dropping what you're doing to deal with it. End time-clock frustrations. End the complaints. You won't have to deal with time clock problems.

Forget Missed Punches

What if employees were happy to use the clock? If it was easy to use? If it just worked. You won't waste time tracking missed punches or verifying change requests. Stop time lost manually managing attendance records.

Make Attendance Convenient

Track time online by visually clicking each employee in and out, or have employees track themselves through the employee interface locked down by IP Address.

Quit Doing Payroll Math. Get payroll numbers with one click. And you don't have to tell anyone it was so easy.

Quit Math

Ever calculate hours for each of your employees? By hand? That is not fair. You never have to calculate hours again. Easily configure your business rules and let the system automate the rest.

employee work scheduling software

Always Be On Time

Payroll can't be late. Ever. What if you could get all of the numbers, automatically calculated, with one click? Complete your payroll duties in minutes. Run the report and send total hours.

employee work scheduling software

Be Absolutely Certain

“I don't understand my hours.” Uh-oh. Time to double-check everything, right? Frustrating. Get it right to begin with. Your employees will start trusting payroll. You do less double-checking.

employee work scheduling software

Be Your Employee's HR Hero. They deserve it. You can be the one to make it easier.

Never forget a birthday

You do not get a second chance. Would your employee be happy if you started the day by taking notice? Take leadership and send a card signed by the team. Or send a surprise. You will never forget another birthday.

Document Performance

Let there be documented facts. You will never walk into a review without them again. You can stand behind every recommendation you make with documentation. And you'll be confident knowing that you have the full picture.

Simplify Vacations

Joe asks for vacation. He's entitled. He's earned it. Do you know if you can cover the shift? You won't be stuck wondering. Or guessing. Ever. You'll know exactly how many people are already approved.

Audit History

Eraser marks on a timesheet? What was the original time? Who made this change? Wait — you don't have to deal with this. You will have complete audit history to see who made the change and what was changed.

Establish Teams

Do you want to do more team building? Everyone enjoys having fun. You can set a manager for each employee. And report by team. Or measure team performance and lead your managers to meet team objectives.

Track Skills & Training

You have a shift to fill. But a specific skill is required. Maybe a language, a certification, or level of experience. You can create skills and track them for each employee. You will know exactly who is capable and trained for each skill.

Be A Time Off Champion. Know it all. Who, when, and where. Approve and Deny Time Off.

Monthly Time Off

Joe asks for time off. You know he deserves it. But can you cover the shifts? Who else is off? Who else has already submitted a request for the same dates?

Track Time Off requests to know exactly who has asked for what dates and when, and what response has been sent — Approved or Denied.

Engage Your Employees. Take charge of communication. Give employees the tools they want to use.

Employee Self-Service

How do your employees check schedules? Do they call you? Check the wall? How does this sound: They open your app. Self-service from desktop and mobile.

employee work scheduling software

Email Notifications

Will employees miss shifts they don't know about? Of course. What if you send an email with the schedule? Make it automatic. You will reduce absenteeism and lates.

employee work scheduling software

Centralize Tracking

You are organized. You keep the best employee records you can. Do you include employee scheduling and time sheets? Now you can track changes completely.

employee work scheduling software

Measure Schedule Adherence. You work hard to build schedules. Make it count. Quantify and incentivize adherence.

Improve Utilization

When everyone sticks to the schedule you can fine tune it. Adjust to the perfect number of employees — for each skill & department — at the right times. Improve your utilization. Stop overspending on too many employees. And stop risking burnout from too few employees.

Automate Event Tracking

It's time for Joe's monthly review. You know he was late today. And at least once last week too… But you can't find the sticky note to prove it. Automate your event tracking. During the review you get Joe's events and talk about documented facts.

Incentivize Adherence

Your employees do try hard to be on time. And to stick to your schedules. You can reward to those who do it best. The employee-of-the-month parking spot, cash bonuses, even movie tickets. You can make it worth their time to try harder.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Joe shows up late again… His co-workers are affected. And your customers. Punishing Joe won't work — It hasn't so far. But what if you could praise employees for being punctual? By measuring adherence you can use positive reinforcement.

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