Mobile Friendly Scheduling & Timeclock

Mobile Friendly Scheduling & Timeclock

Don't keep it all to yourself — Share with employees.

Abolish Confusion

An employee misses a shift because they had the wrong work schedule. Sound familiar? It happens all the time. You can have one schedule. A published schedule. Everyone knows when to work, and everyone knows when changes affect them through the shared work schedule.

Email Notifications

Will employees miss shifts they don't know about? Of course. What if you send an email with the schedule? And it is automatic. You will reduce absenteeism and lates by using the mobile-friendly work scheduling site.

Mobile Time Clock

How frustrating is a line-up at the time clock? Has it gone offline again? Who knows… But you end up dropping what you're doing to deal with it. End frustrations with mobile time tracking. End the complaints. You won't have to deal with time clock problems.

Any tablet. Stop to think about that… How easy this time clock will be to use. And to manage. Need another timeclock? No need to wait. Just put up another tablet.

Online Employee Schedule

How do your employees check schedules? Do they call you? Check the wall? How does this sound: They open your web site for scheduling employees. Self-service from desktop and mobile. The best employee scheduling should be accessible anywhere.

Simplify Scheduling

Multiple printed schedules floating around? Not anymore. Remove all scheduling confusion from the equation by having a single schedule published to employees when you are ready. Notify changes to that schedule so everyone knows when and where they need to be using the mobile workforce management software.

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