Employee Management Software

Employee Management Software

Discuss and review well document facts with employees.

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Be Your Employee's HR Hero. They deserve it. You can be the one to make it easier.

Never forget a birthday

You do not get a second chance. Would your employees be happy if you started the day by taking notice? Take leadership and send a card signed by the team. Or send a surprise. You will never forget another birthday because of your employee management software.

Document Performance

Let there be documented facts. You will never walk into a review without them again. You can stand behind every recommendation you make with documentation. And you'll be confident knowing that you have the full picture from your human resources software.

Simplify Vacations

Joe asks for vacation. He's entitled. He's earned it. Do you know if you can cover the shift? You won't be stuck wondering. Or guessing. Ever. You'll know exactly how many people are already approved. Human resources software to the rescue

Audit History

Eraser marks on a timesheet? What was the original time? Who made this change? Wait — you don't have to deal with this. You will have complete audit history to see who made the change and what was changed in the human resources software.

Establish Teams

Do you want to do more team building? Everyone enjoys having fun. You can set a manager for each employee. And report by team. Or measure team performance and lead your managers to meet team objectives.

Track Skills & Training

You have a shift to fill. But a specific skill is required. Maybe a language, a certification, or level of experience. You can create skills and track them for each employee. You will know exactly who is capable and trained for each skill.

Event Trends

When meeting with employees it is important to have access to event information like Sick, Lates, and other schedule adherence performance numbers.

Complete HR Profile

Keep all employee data in one secure, safe place. Whenever you need to find information you can have quick access through your Employee's profile.

Audit Log

Build trust and never question numbers again with a complete audit log. Any changes made are logged with the previous value as well so you can find out who made changes and when.

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