Staff Scheduling Software

Shift Scheduling Software

Make shift schedules your employees will appreciate.

Respect Staff Availability

Joe tells his manager he has classes every Tuesday until 10am and can't work earlier shift schedules. His manager — rightfully so — supports Joe's cause. But Joe gets scheduled anyway. Now what? Should he skip work and risk the fallout? Let his education fall by the side? You can make sure this shift scheduling problem does not fall on your employees.

Employees are more likely to be at work on time when you respect their staff scheduling needs. Using Availability you can balance your employee's needs with your business needs on shift scheduling and get the right people on the job when you need them. Availability is especially useful for scheduling students and employee's with family obligations.

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Remove Schedule Confusion

An employee misses a scheduled shift because they had the wrong schedule. Sound familiar? It happens all the time. You can have one staff schedule. A published schedule. Everyone knows when to work, and everyone knows when changes affect them.

Multiple printed staff schedules floating around? Not anymore. Remove all shift scheduling confusion from the equation by having a single schedule published to employees when your shift scheduler is ready. Notify changes to that schedule so everyone knows when and where they need to be.

Email Notifications

Will employees miss shifts they don't know about? Of course. What if you send an email with the staff schedule? Make it automatic. You will reduce absenteeism and lates. Rotating shift schedules are easier with online shift scheduling software.

Employee Self-Service

How do your employees check staff schedules? Do they call you? Check the wall? How does this sound: They open your staff scheduling app. Self-service from desktop and mobile.

Retain Talent

Hiring takes so much of your effort. Attracting. Interviewing. Selecting. Training. It takes a lot of time. Is it worth it to lose employees for reasons you control? Get attendance, staff scheduling, and payroll right. Keep morale up, keep your best employees.

Stay On Budget

Being understaffed puts strain on everyone. Your best staff have to work harder to fill the shift work schedule gap. The work experience is not fun. Make sure you have the right people — in the right place — at the right times. You will boost employee morale and your customers will notice the better shift coverage.

Be Covered

Visualizing a schedule can help make sure you have the coverage you need for each department or location and for each employee skill throughout the day. Charts are available for Daily and Weekly views and you can zoom all the way into a day to see how scheduled breaks align for constant scheduled shift coverage.

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